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Radiant Hall Guide mini map

Finished now both Guides, Extra Quest and the main quests, just follow the Orders which is shown in Numbers!

Main Quests

(click for zoom)

follow the numbers that are shown on the map!

Extra Quest: "Accursed Drosnin"

(click for zoom)

follow the guide written in green

This a map shows how to do the the extra quest "Accursed Drosnin" where u get an extra legendary box + 10k honour points. Mainly u have to do:

1. pick the wind key after killing the 2nd boss in the room where the 4 statues are
2. go to the room where u killed the first door, click there the bookshelf
3. after this u just need to click all bookshelf´s + sometimes the altar infront of Drosnin
4. the last item u need is "Black Flash Amor" - u´ll get it in boss room before the final boss, it looks like a library, there is a "knight" lieing on the ground, click it.
5. now kill the final boss
6. at final boss´spot is a big thingy called "Memory Orb", click it, there are two options, once to leave the dungoen and one quest named "Accursed Drosnin", click Accursed Drosnin.
7. Now go die urself, spawn on start, dash to the dragon´s altar and click 3 times - Legendary Box appears, open it, it might drop one of the new Earrings.

Guide from Trimex
Click this bar to view the full image.

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